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General Information

Key person system
At St Mogue’s a key person system is in place. It supports the individual needs and development of each child and ensures continuity of care between the home environment and the early years centre. Further information on the key person system and how it works is available from the centre.

Portfolios of Development and Learning
During their time at St Mogue’s your child’s key worker undertakes observation and assessment of their development and learning which is then collated into a portfolio. The portfolio will contain samples of children’s creative representations and photographs of them involved in play and activities. Also included are observations of your child which are linked to themes and learning goals of Aistear and High Scope key experiences. Your child’s portfolio of learning and development is available for you to see at any time.

Home/Centre links
St Mogue’s Community Childcare operates an open door policy; you are welcome to call into the centre to make enquiries at any time. We are committed to keeping open communication with our parents and families in regard to their child and life in the centre. We use several methods to do so:

·    Daily verbal communication about your child’s day from their Room Leader or key person to parents
·    Monthly newsletters                  
·    Text messages
·    Email                              
·    Correspondence home to parents
·    Daily logs for children who attend the baby and under three service
·    Website

Daily Diary
A daily diary is outside each room and gives you, the parent, an insight into the daily life of the centre. They will include descriptions of group activities, birthdays, a focus on the play of individual children and events that have taken place.

Samples of children’s work and the activities they have taken part in are also displayed outside each room. These change according to the season or theme that they are learning about at that time. A parent notice board and other display boards provide information for parents on events and other relevant topics.

Special Educational Needs
At St Mogue’s we welcome all children and families and offer an inclusive environment in which we endeavour to support your child’s additional needs and provide them with a mainstream experience of early education and care. All of the early years practitioners currently working in the centre are qualified in working with children with Special Educational Needs.